Monday, January 11, 2010

Flat Panel Televisions

A flat panel TV can be wall mounted so that it takes up zero floor space and is perfect for use in smaller rooms. A flat screen television is usually light weight and very portable because there are no picture tubes to blow out. Depending on the materials used to make a thin panel television it may be more energy efficient than a regular tube in TV. The picture is clearer on a flat screen television there is less blur.

The screen can be viewed from most any angle in a flat panel television without losing any of the picture quality. The ability to see the picture clearly from any angle in the room on a panel television really opens up chair placement options.

A flat panel TV is normally cable ready and can easily be hooked up to a computer or lap top as well so typically they double as computer monitors as well.

If a flat screen television is made with plasma technology the power usage is twice that of other televisions. This type of television also tends to have flicker issues in large areas of the screen. A thin panel television that is crafted using plasma material has a glass front; this of course can break easily. The cost of a thin panel television can be rather high.

This type of television can be purchased from any electronics store. A flat panel television may also be purchased at a discount store. Typically they will have a warranty in place against manufacturer defects but will not cover a cracked screen. When a purchase is made, usually there is an offer to purchase an additional amount of protection; this may be a good idea, depending on what the coverage protects.

Comparison shopping for the best deal is always recommended when shopping for a flat screen television. The prices vary greatly and through comparison shopping the best deal can be had. A little education in the form of research can go a long way in determining the desired features, brand and price range that is desired in a flat panel television.

Television viewing is much different from the way it was 20 years ago, and this is more apparent in today's TVs than ever.

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