Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cruise Ship In Antarctica

Cruise Ship In Antarctica - Chris Seigler had already visited every continent on the planet except Antarctica, and the Independence resident was on his way home from the icy land when the ship he was on ran into some of the most impressive waves you are ever likely to see.

Now, his wife is waiting at home for word from her husband on the stranded cruise ship, which lost power after getting smacked by 30-foot waves and 90-mile-per-hour winds as it was returning to Argentina from Antarctica.

"I found out by my daughter seeing it on Yahoo and saying 'Mom, what ship is Dad on?'" said Linda Seigler, who has had no communication from her 61-year-old husband since Saturday when he posted a message on Facebook.

"Well, I'm in Antarctica have not set foot on the Continent yet but should do so tomorrow the crossing of the Drake Passage was very rough," read the message on Seigler's Facebook page, and that was even before the ship ran into trouble.

"Even when they were going through the Drake Passage originally, one of the ladies fell out of bed and had a big black eye, another fell and broke her arm and had to get stitches some place on her face," said Linda Seigler.

Cruise Ship In Antarctica

Seigler is among 88 Americans and 165 people overall on the Clelia Two cruise ship. Linda Seigler didn't go with her husband because she had just started a new job, plus she was worried she might get sea sick.

"He wanted to make all the continents, and he had this opportunity so I told him he needed to go for it, and now it's my fault," said Linda Seigler with a laugh.

On Wednesday, she was told that an Argentinian Navy ship is helping guide the Clelia Two back to land. After this experience, Linda Seigler says that cruise ships are not a likely mode of transportation in her future.

Cruise Ship In Antarctica

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