Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chinese Students Eat Roundworm Eggs

Chinese Students Eat Roundworm Eggs - Chinese students eat roundworm eggs in order to remain thin for job interviews. People go to extremes in fad diets, but is this too far? It seems that the job situation in the U.S. is awful, but to go to this extreme in China over a job seems rather insane.

The students eat roundworm eggs which then hatch in their stomachs allowing them to lose weight without a change in lifestyle. Sure, they just have roundworms living in their stomachs instead. That does not sound like a good plan. In fact, it’s quite dangerous for your health.

Chinese Students Eat Roundworm Eggs

Women in China are facing extreme pressures to be thin when they enter the job market, which is why they are turning to such extremes. Chinese women have little chance of landing a job if they are not thin. In addition to resorting to the dangerous plan to eat roundworm eggs, other students stare at pictures for hours on end to suppress appetites, which also allows for weight loss. Then there is the special soap that supposedly sheds the pounds, and some women are showering 10 times a day. This has gone too far. Something has to change. Women in China are endangering their health with these crazy fad diets.

The unemployment rate in China is high. There are 780 million people working, and the size of the workforce continues to grow. The scary thing is that the job issues aren’t expected to go away. Meanwhile women are doing things like choosing to eat roundworm eggs to try to gain an edge in China in addition to other crazy and damaging fad diets. This is no way to live, and something has to be done about the extremes that women are going to in order to gain employment.

Chinese Students Eat Roundworm Eggs

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